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EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 12.9.1 Crack License Code 2019




Basically, I have a software like a backup software, which is having a simple interface and easy to use. I want to create a demo of this software with fake data. It can be anything. Like.. In the demo I want to generate some rows of data with certain structure like.. `name value` ` 1` ` 2` `abc.pqr 3` ..and so on. I want to show these data to my client and tell them how much data is it, can he take backup etc.. How can I create the dummy data with given structure and with given name and value? I don't want to write them by hand.. A: You could go about this by doing an indexing query on a table that has data like this: CREATE TABLE Data ( Name VARCHAR(MAX), Value INT ); GO INSERT INTO Data VALUES('', 1); INSERT INTO Data VALUES('', 2); INSERT INTO Data VALUES('abc.pqr', 3); And then running a query like this: SELECT TOP 1 * FROM Data WHERE (Name = '' AND Value = 1) OR (Name = '' AND Value = 2) OR (Name = 'abc.pqr' AND Value = 3); This will return only the first record that matches the criteria. Since you have a short list of criteria, you can then create a stored procedure that takes a similar list of criteria and returns all of the values that match those criteria. Of course, this is just an example. You can get a little fancier if you like. I've tried to keep things simple, but you might find that looking at SQL Server Management Studio's object explorer (press CTRL+L, CTRL+O, "Go to objects", or "Tools", "Object Explorer") will be helpful. U.S. Pat. No. 5,239,933 (Kokkinakis) discloses an internal combustion



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EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 12.9.1 Crack License Code 2019
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